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 Shadow Arena Rules

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PostSubject: Shadow Arena Rules   Sun Nov 17, 2013 10:29 am

Shadow Arena:

In the Shadow Arena, you can wager certain amounts of Duel Points against your opponent, with the winner taking all the DPs that were bet.

Shadow Arena Rules:

-Only match duels are allowed.
-The current banlist of September will be in effect here.
-You ,or your opponent, have/has to confirm that he/she played you, but if you have a clear screenshot of the results and deal it will still suffice.
-Both TCG/OCG cards are allowed.
-Ban decks include: Exodia, Stall, Burn, Self-Destruct Button Tie-Out, Final Countdown, and Empty Jar Decks.
-Both players must have the amount of DP they have agreed upon, if not, the duel cannot proceed. So, if the amount of points wagered is 150 DP then both members have to have 150 DP or more already.
-You cannot duel the same person again and again. That could be interpreted as an abuse of our system and staff can take necessary actions against you including permanent ban.
-If a member loses connection in a match duel, then they have lost that one game, not the whole match. However it depends if it is already 1-0 to one member and the other loses connection, in that case the person who lost connection loses the match.

Win/Lost Records:

Please create a new topic in the Shadow Arena to post your results. Both players will confirm their Wins and losses in their duel. Also, please try to include a screenshot.

This is how to present your wins:

I dueled: (Opponents username here)
Amount of DP both members wagered:
I won: 2-1 or 2-0
I Lost: 0-2 or 1-2
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Shadow Arena Rules
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