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Visit the chatbox to get a test from a tester after you read the rubic. Good Luck Smile Smile
If you are looking at this please register as soon as possible because there will be many tournaments. Also we are trying to make this academy the best we can and hope you guys can register and help us. Thanks and Have fun.
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 Official Teacher Test

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PostSubject: Official Teacher Test    Thu Dec 19, 2013 4:52 am

1. Player A controls a face up Jain, Lightsworn Paladin, and has an Honest in hand. Player B controls a set Jar of Greed and a face up Slifer the Sky Dragon with 6 cards in his hand (random cards that do not matter, do not overthink). Player A attacks Slifer with Jain and player B allows. Player A goes into damage step and drops Honest and Player B chains Jar of Greed. Is something wrong, if so what?

2.Player A has nothing in hand and has an Eclipse Wyvern and Lightpulsar Dragon in grave. He/she also controlls a face up Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon. Player A activates REDMD effect and targets Lightpulsar Dragon and Player B chains D.D. Crow. Player A continues on with his turn. Whats wrong with this scenario.

3. Player A has a face up Broww, Huntsmann of Dark World. Player A has a Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World in graveyard. Player B controls a face-up Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror. Player A goes and special summons Grapha from grave. Is something wrong, if so what.

4. What is the difference of summoning negation and summonin response (please elaborate, and give me an example of a card for both, and show me how this difference can affect sangan)

5. Player A has a face-up Thunder King Rai Oh. Player B special summons Mermail AbyssMegalo by discarding Atlantean Dragoons and Atlantean Heavy Infanty. Player B activates Dragoons and chains Heavy Infantry. Due to the way chains work, he destroys Thunder King ad adds from both Mermail AbyssMegalo and Atlantean Dragoons to get Abysssphere and Deep Sea Diva. Aside from what he added because I dont know what a normal Merlantean player would add, is something wrong and if so what?

6. Player A activates Fire Formation - Tenki. Player B chains Mystical Space Typhoon. Does Player A get the search?

7. Player A activates Heavy Storm. Player B chains Starlight Road because he has a set random card (doesnt matter). Player B special summons Stardust Dragon. Player A activates Dark Hole. Player B chains Stardust effect. Plater A ends his turn. Player B special summons Stardust from grave. Is something wrong, if so what?

8. Player A has a face up Evilswarm Thunderbird. Player A attacks Player B with Thunderbitd. Player B chains Mirror Force. Player A chains Thunderbird and banished himself. Player A ends.Player B draws and goes into stanby. Player A specials thunderbird. Player B goes into Main Phase 1 and uses Dark Hole. Player A responds with Thunder Bird. Player B ends. Player A draws and specials Thunderbird. How much attack does Thunderbird have?

9. Can you xyz summon with Fossil Dyna as a material? If not why?

10. Player A activates Gold Sarcophogus and banishes Skill Drain. 2 standby phases later he/she adds Skill Drain. Player B then activates Mind Crush and calls Skill Drain. Does Player B get to look at Player A's hand?

Plz pm me on here the answers and Ill reply to see how many you have right.

You need to get 8 questions correct to Pass and become a Teacher. You also need to be active and post lessons every week. Maybe once or twice a week, your call.

Good luck to all those try. You can get retries but not right after.
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PostSubject: Re: Official Teacher Test    Thu Dec 19, 2013 8:31 am

Have fun, the test is courtesy of me.
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Official Teacher Test
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