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Visit the chatbox to get a test from a tester after you read the rubic. Good Luck Smile Smile
If you are looking at this please register as soon as possible because there will be many tournaments. Also we are trying to make this academy the best we can and hope you guys can register and help us. Thanks and Have fun.
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 North Academy's Staff Recruiting

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PostSubject: North Academy's Staff Recruiting   Mon Oct 21, 2013 5:53 am

First topic message reminder :

This is an application form to become an Assistant (RolePlay Mod or Event Manager), Moderator, Graphics Designer, Teacher or Admin. Please check out the post about Staff Handbook which outlines what each position does and the responsibility that comes with it. Please think carefully about your application and if you are new and just getting started I suggest you don't try out unless you have reached your full potential at this academy which we will help you with.

Position to apply: - here you are allowed only to apply for 1 position either Assistant, Moderator or Graphic Designer.

Activity: - The time and days you will be able to spend your time to be active at NA and make your job if you are accepted.

Knowledge about this position: - Describe briefly what you think your duties could be for the Position you applied for. If you got any experience in it you can mention it. If you don;t then no worries, the application will still be made valid.

What can you offer to NA to make it better. - Here you must write your qualities that you can give to make NA a better academy.

You will need to set up your application like the example above and then fill it out.

Only members who are actually wanting to join and will be active at NA are allowed to post in this thread and only Tested members application will be considered as valid.

Your application will have to be sent as a reply to this topic. Only members that can apply are Ra Yellow Dorm members and above.

Your application will be inspected and admins will decide if you are capable of the position you applied for.

No applications can be posted for now until we have enough members because then everyone might apply and there will be no dorm members.

Please read this for now and then applications will be taken later on.

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PostSubject: Re: North Academy's Staff Recruiting   Thu Jan 02, 2014 11:55 pm

Position to apply: - moderator

Activity: - well i am in highschool but usually afternoon i am always on dn and i will be present here too.

Knowledge about this position: -an moderator makes sure that the rulebook is applied in the chatbox.helps "redecorate" the academy.teaches new students how to improve.recruits new members.participates and organises wars,events,teams,tournaments.

What can you offer to NA to make it better. - i have experience in bein an admin.i was an admin in a few academys.i do believe that i could the previous post states no admin spots are left.i would be ok with a moderator spot too until there will be an admin spot open.that of course if my apply for being an admin will be rejected
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PostSubject: Re: North Academy's Staff Recruiting   Fri Jan 03, 2014 5:27 am

Position To Apply: Moderator/Assistant

Activity: Well Am Always Online Even On Certain Holidays, Am In College That Means When Am Not In Class Am Bored Of My Rocks. Am Almost Always Online And Can Stay Online Till Late Unless iHave Prior Engagements IRL.

Knowledge: Well A Moderator Is To Make Sure Everything Runs As Smooth As Possible And Makes Sure The Rules Are Applied, While Following Them Themselves. A Mod Steps In While The Admins Are Not Present And Sorta Fills In For Them As Much As Possible. An Assistant Does The Same Thing Only Thing Is That They Follow Their Admin(Boss) Orders To The Tee (Sorta Like A Secretary) And Have Less Administrative Powers Than A Mod.

What Can I Do: Well Am Always In A Good Mood, iKnow How To Handle An Influx Of Crowd (Like What Happened When Tam Recruited All Of Those Freshmans), Can Answer Any Question And If iDont Know The Answer I'll Find The Answer Or Find Someone Who Knows It. Am Jst A Cool Guy To Have Around Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: North Academy's Staff Recruiting   

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North Academy's Staff Recruiting
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